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Erik J. Sweet, RLA, ASLA

Principal Landscape Architect

Phone: 425-766-9535

Erik J. Sweet's experience includes project management, athletic field design, synthetic turf and track design, landscape and irrigation design. Over his 18-year career he has been responsible for projects that have taken him across North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Erik is passionate about his work with school districts, youth organizations, and volunteer groups in providing recreational facilities. As a designer, Erik has spent considerable time and energy researching the technical elements of synthetic turf, including visiting manufacturing sites and various demonstrations.  As a principal Erik understands that strong communication and design team interaction will culminate in a successful project that meets the owner’s expectations for high value and qualityy



Teresa Rabe-Sweet

Office Manager

Phone:  (253) 307-3231

Teresa is SLA's office manager and in charge or Marketing for SLA.  Teresa's background as a military officer, and registered nurse offer her a wide breadth of experience in managing the office, staff, accounts, and providing support to all administrative needs of our clients. 


Jeffrey Cassidy

Landscape Designer, Production Lead

Phone:  (425) 766-9535

Jeff is a Landscape Designer and Production Lead. Jeff's experienced with graphic renderings, cad production, construction documents, and construction detailing. Jeff is is a Washington State University Grad and has experience in various aspects of Landscape Architectural/Mechanical/Structural/Architectural document production. 


Thomas Gregory

Project Manager, Military Contracting Specialist

Phone: (425) 766-9535

Tom's experience as a 30 year retired military officer, GSA contracting specialist, Quality Control and personel managment experience provide SLA with a strong team and technical review of all documents in our military contracting work.  This experince also provides for a strong QAQC environment for all our public school and parks department jobs resulting in a stronger packaged set of documents fo our clients.


Patrick Stafford

IT Manager

Pat's exerperience in IT and network solustions and systems helps keep SLA staff network, computers, sofware and data backed up and up to date with todays demands.  With clients from School Districts, Parks Deapartments and Military Contracts, all our delivery of documents and files vary and must be current and able to meet our wide client base.  Pat has been an integral part of the growth of SLA Landscape Architecture since we opened our doors in 2006.

Updated on October 15th, 2014

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