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For the past six years, the SLA Landscape Architecture team have worked on athletic stadium modernization and renovation, synthetic turf field design and facility development. SLA Landscape Architecture are experts in sports field design. We have hands-on experience in all phases of major landscaping projects. From design and project conception to installation and maintenance, the SLA Landscape Architecture team uses a world of expertise with a personal touch.

Principal, Design Landscape Architect and Project Manager, Erik J. Sweet, ASLA, has overseen projects all over the globe. His experience ranges from project design and management, to synthetic turf installation and irrigation design. Erik is passionate about his work with school districts, youth organizations and volunteer groups. Whether you're a large corporate entity or a small soccer association, the SLA Landscape Architecture team's attention to detail will culminate into a successful and satisfying result.

The SLA Landscape Architecture team has expertise in a wide variety of synthetic turf products, including Polytan (Germany), Field Turf, Sprinturf, General Turf, Sportexe, ProGrass, and many others. Their presentation, "Synthetic Turn in the 21st Century" has been a highlight at various conferences, including the Washington Association of School Administrators, Council for Educational Facility Planners, Washington Recreation and Parks Association and the Washington State Youth Soccer Association.

We feel confident that the SLA Landscape Architecture team will be the right choice for your next project. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Updated on May 12th, 2014

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